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New Stamparatus Reservation Window


Due to the extreme success of the last reservation window for the new Stamparatus, Stampin' Up! has decided to take things a bit differently when the reservation window opens up again tomorrow. 

The reservation window will remain open from December 5-30; however, during this reservation period they will take as many orders as they receive (yay!) and not close the window until December 30. So whether the total number of reservations is 100 or 100,000, the window will stay open!

Please note the following changes:
* Beginning March 19, the Stamparatuses will ship in the order the reservations were received (first in, first out) and continue through the next few months and beyond as product arrives in our warehouse. Because shipment dates are based on manufacturing lead times, not all of the reservations made during the December 5-30 window will ship on March 19 (as was previously announced).
* In order to accommodate demand, limits have changed as follows: one reservation per customer.
* Because we are not limiting the maximum number of reservations for the second window, we will not offer a third window. This is the last chance for you to reserve a Stamparatus before it becomes available in the 2018-2019 annual catalog.

Please note what has not changed:
* If you reserved more than one stamping tool during the first reservation period, that number will not change; you will still receive the same number you reserved.
* If you reserved one or more stamping tool(s) during the first reservation period, you may still order during the second window.
If you haven't already seen it, take a look at the video from Stampin' Up! and see how it works:
In case you missed it earlier, here are some of the amazing things it can do:
  • Make multiples with ease

  • Consistently stamp crisp, clean images

  • If you want a darker impression, apply more ink and restamp—no need to start over

  • Make fewer mistakes, saving time and money

  • Easily create 2-step, 3-step, and 4-step stamped images using reversible plates

  • Develop new and specialized stamping techniques with adjustable stamping plates and precision placement

Click the flyer below to download the information.
Remember, credit cards will not be charged until the Stamparatus ships from Stampin' Up!'s facility. When you close your order, be sure to verify that your credit card and shipping information is correct.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions or feedback.

I'd like to share a little story with you about this. 

Some of you may be aware that there is a positioning tool already out there on the market, called a "Mysti". One of my dear and faithful customers, Beth, sent me this note when I first announced the Stampin' Up! Stamparatus:

 "Well, it is too bad that Stampin' Up! came out with the Stamparatus after I bought the "Mysti."  I have had it about a year.  It makes layering multiple cards so much easier...if I didn't have this one (already) I would definitely buy Stampin' Up!'s...the really cool thing about it is...if you didn't get enough ink on the stamp, you  can restamp because it will go in the exact same spot! So cool..."

I responded that I understood, but I suggested that she still watch the video.  It took her a few days (Thanksgiving was in there in the middle), and then she texted me:

"I finally watched the video.  I want one!  It has alot more features than the Misti.  The 2 doors, and you can move them up and down.  Stamping 4 layers on one piece.The storage slots for the magnets!  It is far superior to the Misti... I love how the doors move up and down, and that way you can use both sides.  And then you have one door on the side and on top. Really nice. And your card stock stays put!  Really good! Love it!  It is amazing! The more into the video I got, the more excited I was. "

So! Even if you already have a stamp positioner, take Beth's advice and check out the Stampin' Up!'s Stamparatus! 



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